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gundersen_112Cynthia Gundersen is the owner and president of AMU Engineering, Inc.

She has a Mechanical Engineering degree from University of Maryland and a MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from George Washington University.

Ms. Gundersen was a NASA employee for 11 years, prior to moving to Miami, Florida in 2001. While at NASA, she was a member of the CASSINI Huygens Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer and Ion Neutral Mass Spectrometer teams, Nozomi (Planet-B) Neutral Mass Spectrometer team and worked on the CoNTour Neutral Mass Spectrometer as the lead mechanical engineer.

She has over 20 years of spaceflight instrumentation design and development experience.

Primary partners include:

Mechanical Engineering: Visioneering, LLC , Boise ID
Mechanical Analysis: MAE Aerospace, LLC , Woodbridge, CT
NASA: Click Here.